Best online slots 2019 tips and tricks

The players’ preferences change very fast. If a couple of years ago most gambling people were really hunting for a jackpot, the priorities for the best online slots 2019 have changed. Now, more attention is paid for bonuses. Another moment is gambling mobility: more players prefer using Android and Apple devices to bet on the go. Finally, cryptocurrencies that have gain fame also affect gamblers: very often, picking the best paying online slots 2019, casino users choose Bitcoin as the payment option.

Best online slots 2019: how to distinguish them?

What are the best online slots 2019 that let players win more than other gambling machines? That’s a question that all players ask themselves. It’s hard to figure out the best rate because gamers have to know how each slot is built. However, slot machines with the best payout should be always considered.

A lot depends on which symbols occur (and how often) on the reels, and the number of paylines as well. Having this information, one can calculate the payout chances. Naturally, bonus rounds should be included. It’s not easy to find out for you, but RTP is also important. This abbreviation is standing for “Return to Player”. The RTP of 95% means that 95% of every bet is returned to the player. 5% is kept in the casino to cover the costs. The higher the rate, the more advantageous it is to the player. In real casinos, the rates are often only 60%, in online casinos; however, they reach 90% – 98%. The RTP helps to minimize the losses and thus have more fun.

The best 2019 slots

In other words, the RTP means nothing more than the gaming machine odds of winning. It pays to make a list of the best slots to always play the games with the best payout opportunities. However, these slots’ names can be simply remembered:

  • Guns’N’Roses. This game is on the top of the list of the best online slots 2019 by players’ ratings. It has not only a high 97% RTP but a stunning interface.
  • Mega Joker. This is the best-paying gaming machine that, despite the absence of bonus rounds, has the highest RTP (99%).
  • Monopoly Big Event. Involving the online variant of the most popular game, it has a bunch of bonus options and up to 99% RTP.

Mobile gamblers can also find their best online slots games for Android 2019 when reading reviews left by real apps’ users at Google Play.

Slot machine tricks

Now, when a player knows about the best online slots 2019 a bit more, he can remember some tips that will make his gaming experience success, and almost every bet, in this case, will bring some profit. They are also easy:

  • One should always play simple games since the chances are always higher.
  • High bets bring better results; the investigation has shown that the RTP is then highest.
  • The player must not play fast. The slow game will make him feel fun longer and not lose so much money.

Above all, the player should never turn on the Auto Play feature but always play manually. This makes the game slower and gives the gamer time to think out his further activities.

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