The best free casino slots apps: where to get them

For a very long time, online gamblers used to deal mostly with PC. However, during the last 4-5 years, drastic changes have happened: now, the best free casino slots with a progressive jackpot and/or bonus features can be played on mobile phones. Some casinos have developed their own apps for these slot machines.

To use it, the player has to download a program from the casino homepage to his phone. The app is updated automatically. Other independent best free casino slots app variants can be downloaded as they do not have a connection with any special online casino.

The best free casino slots applications: where to find them?

One can hardly find a casino that completely dispenses with a mobile site or an app for casino games. Nevertheless, not all casinos are equally well equipped. Some classic providers, for instance, Microgaming have particularly interesting offer special applications with their games only. Here the game selection is not as big as at an online casino, but there are enough games to choose from.

If a player uses an Android or Apple device, all applications with casino games are available to him. Google Play shares with its users applications for Android, and App Store lets iPhone and iPad users pick the stuff compatible with their devices. It gets more difficult with a Blackberry, Symbian or Windows Phone — these operating systems are supported less often.

How to get a mobile slot app and play it

If a player is going to play the best free casino slots for free with no deposit, he has to log into his account (Google Play or App Store). Only registered users can do it. Some risky players prefer to deal with torrents and download there apk files for casino games. It is not recommended to choose the latter variant: often, these apps contain viruses.

When the app is downloaded and installed, it is necessary to learn everything about it: setting options, buttons that launch “Spin” and “Bet” activities, and so on. The best software provides describe these things in detail. If it is a casino application, the player has to:

  • Open the application and sign up, creating a player’s account;
  • Payment options have to be chosen;
  • A deposit must be made;
  • Bonuses can be claimed or this offer might be skipped;
  • The best free casino slots for free or any card game like Video Poker or Baccarat should be chosen.

Some apps for iPhones and Smartphones with Android system let gamers play for fun in an offline mode.

Types of slots apps

Two main groups that represent these applications are casino apps (with a set of games available there) and separate slot games with one type of entertainment. Both of these variants can offer gamblers to play:

  • Card games;
  • Table games (Sic Bo, Roulette);
  • Slots;
  • Progressive jackpots;
  • Sports;
  • Lotteries.

Live casino apps are also in favor, but it is never possible to gamble there in a Demo mode. Money should be deposited first.

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